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We take great care to provide fresh, handcrafted cupcakes for all of our guests and their special events. Here are some FAQs that will help ensure that your cupcakes are enjoyed to the fullest!

  • How far in advance should I place an order for cupcakes?

    • For most orders we ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice.

      • Here are some exceptions to consider:

        • If you need 4 dozen or more cupcakes. Please allow at least 48 - 72 hours advanced notice.

        • If you are ordering a specialty flavor not currently featured on our menu  (Our ability to make certain flavors will vary depending on the time of year and our menu plans.)

        • If you're short on time and are looking for something on less notice, please call the store and ask us anyway! While we can't guarantee that we'll be able to create your special order the same day, We will try our best!

  • How should I handle my cupcakes?

    • Carry your order flat, supporting the full weight of your box or boxes. be sure to place them on a flat surface in your vehicle and secure them. Be careful when driving so you don't risk having them slide, tip, or tilt over during transport. 

    • Smallcakes is not responsible for damages to your cupcakes once they leave the bakery.

  • How do I keep my cupcakes fresh?

    • Our cupcakes are best enjoyed on the day they're made, 

    • We do not recommend keeping them in the refrigerator, as the cold air will cause them to dry out. The best way to store them is to keep them at room temperature, so just bring them home and put them on the counter.  If you want to help preserve their freshness, try placing them in an air tight container or wrapping the box thoroughly in plastic wrap.   


  • Do you offer your cupcakes in other sizes?

    • Yes we do! You can special order our cupcakes in Mini sizes. We do require a Minimum order of 1 dozen.  

  • How many flavors do you offer?

    • We bake and frost 13 signature flavors every day and offer 2 special flavors each day.

  • Questions about dietary restrictions:

    • I have a Gluten/Nut/Dairy allergy, do you have any safe options?

      • We can try and accommodate dietary restrictions with enough notice. However, we have ingredients from many different sources and we bake in an open kitchen so we can't completely remove the risk of these allergens.

      • Please call the store with any other questions regarding allergies.

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